Next-gen consumer insights

Is a proprietary machine-learning tool that approximates the behaviour of the consumers and extrapolates based on people typologies, with the final purpose of getting clear, actionable data-driven insights: who to target and what to communicate?

The Artificial Intelligence model identifies typologies of consumers based on the large number of data collected for each and every respondent.

The benefits of machine learning lie in the possibility of extrapolating data from a smaller sample of respondents and enriching the number of dimensions examined when looking at consumers profiles.

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Beyond crosstabs: unveiling hidden insights

Constructing consumers profiles (or any other analysis) is impossible when we look at more than 2-3 dimensions (features like age, education, income etc.) for classic statistical crosstabs when we have approximately 1,000 data points. Building a machine learning model helps to reveal information hidden in the “jungle of data”.

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